In Search for the Snow Moon

In Search for the Snow Moon

You probably heard about the Snow Moon, there were many FB post (including VocoPix) and there were stories in most of the media. Well, I decided to go get a great photo of it.

It’s 1 am and I have a plan. My idea was to get the Devon tower in line with the moon as it was setting. You’ve seen the lights of different colors on the Devon tower and I was sure it would be a great photograph. Well, no lights on the tower, it was unusually dark. #disappointment

Blood Moon
Blood Moon

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Norman, OK Christmas Lights 2016 by VocoPix

Christmas Lights before the end of the holidays, Christmas Lights VocoPix

Playing with Lights

Christmas Lights VocoPix
Church Christmas Lights

Here are a few photos I took this morning trying to capture some Christmas Lights before the end of the holidays, Christmas Lights VocoPix. The first photo is a base pic to give context of the location, this is Truth Church (FB) located at the corner of Barry and Boyd in Norman, OK. The church is located in the Hetherington Heights 2 edition established circa 1959.

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Some of my favorite Music

Just a couple of songs I wanted to share that I have found and often enjoy from YouTube.

Most everybody in the world are now using Youtube for something, besides “How To” videos my most common choice is Music. I love the YouTube RED, I make a list of my favorites and the run non-stop with NO commercials. This is a song I found in November of 2016, It’s from the group Sounds From The Ground, the title is Lean on Me Afterhours Remix.

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