Most of the photos have little to no editing done to them.


Editing can be cropping and many more adjustments such as lighting, color, sharping, and much more.



At this time all photos are free of charge, if you would like a copy of a photo just email and give me the event name e.g. “NHS Baseball April 4th 2017 vs. Putnam City” and the file name “DSC_2430” and I’ll edit the photo and send you a high-resolution copy that you can print and frame.

NNHS Girls Soccer May 5th 2017 vs. Edmond Mem

NHS Baseball May 4th 2017 vs. NNHS – Playoffs

NNHS Girls Soccer April 21st 2017 vs. US Grant

NHS Baseball April 18th 2017 vs. Westmoore

NNHS Girls Soccer April 4th 2017 vs. Mustang

NHS Baseball April 4th 2017 vs. Putnam City

NNHS Girls Soccer March 24th 2017 vs. Tulsa Union