Preparing for a Photo-shoot of your Home

So you want to sell your home

You have decided to sell your home and your realtor has probably told you to declutter the house so potential buyers can envision their possessions in the house.

This is one of the most important steps a home owner can do and it only takes a moment searching the web to find many articles about it, Make a House Shine for Real EstateHow to Declutter Before an Open House, and How to Sell Your House Fast to name a few. Having a clean and decluttered home is one of the best ways to assure a strong sell. So get started by realizing you are moving, you need to start packing, why not start with all the small items sitting around your house.

Open your home to thousands

You might have thousands of people viewing your home this weekend, so it’s clear to you it should look it’s best, right? That is how you should think about your home before the photographer comes to take your listing photos.

More people will see online photos of your home than those who walk through it. In most cases potential buyers will not even ask the realtor to scheduling a showing unless they have a great first impression. Yes, the photos are truly your homes first impression; make it the best it can be.

Here is a list of the most common items to do in preparing your home for a photo shoot.

Clear out ALL miscellaneous items:
  1. Phone/tablet charging equipment, unplug and store away.
  2. Remove all items from refrigerator, no magnets, papers, photos.
  3. Clearout all dishes from sinks and counters.
  4. Remove all items from kitchen and bathroom counters.
    • Kitchen counters should have no more than one appliance.
    • A small decorative arrangement carefully selected can add to the appearance.
  5. Hide all Garbage cans in the pantry or closets.
  6. Remove family photos, pack them up, your moving.


Cleaning thoroughly is an obvious goal:
  1. It conveys many things on the subconscious level. It says we have taken care of this home, it makes visitors feel welcome and comfortable.
  2. Clean out from under beds, removing items that can be seen.
  3. Any storage boxes should be placed in the attic or the self-storage down the street.
  4. Remove miscellaneous floor mats.
  5. Store in closet any signs of pets, crates, food bowls, etc.


Is it ready to shine?
  1. Make sure all light bulbs work.
  2. Turn on all lights, they add great glow to photos.
  3. Open blinds/window treatments, natural light can make a room warm and inviting.
  4. Make sure all dirty clothes are cleared away and out of sight.


How does the Exterior of the home look?
  1. Remember, when a potential buyer drives up to your home the first thing they see is the exterior. Curb appeal, it’s those first impressions, take control of them.
  2. Trim the shrubs.
  3. Keep the walkways and drive way clear.
  4. Weed the flower beds and yard if need be.
  5. Make sure all exterior lights are working.


All these steps cost little to nothing and can shorten the time to get an offer and increase the final selling price. So get started, you’re moving right!

The mission of VocoPix is to provide top quality photos for real estate agents to help them make the best possible first impressions of their listings.