You probably heard about the Snow Moon, there were many FB post (including VocoPix) and there were stories in most of the media. Well, I decided to go get a great photo of it.

My idea was to get the Devon tower inline with the moon as it was setting. You’ve seen those lights on the Devon tower and I was sure it would be a great photograph. Well, no lights on the tower, it was unusually dark. #disappointment


Now What


Ok, I have had been wanting to take some shots of a new building (name withheld for now, I’ll explain later) so it’s 4 o’clock in the morning, I have plenty of time. So I head over, park as close as I can, lug my gear, get my tripod setup, and hello Mr. Security Guard. Yes sir, I’m having a great morning how are you? Oh, you don’t think the company would want me to photograph their building. Sure I have I.D., here you go. So I should call the PR department and get permission, ok. What, you will call the police if I don’t leave. Ok, have a great morning.


REALLY? Now What !!!

Lemons into lemonade, that’s what momma say’s. So I head into downtown OKC and remember Weeping Jesus, very appropriate at this time. This is right across from the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum and it’s a beautiful spot on the corner.

Weeping Jesus

This statue is so much a statement about the pain of the aftermath of April 19, 1995 and as you can see people are still paying quite tributes to those lost in that tragic event.

This is not what I had planed for this field trip/photo shoot, but I’m thankful I didn’t give up after meeting Mr. Security.


And I will be back after I talk to the “X” company PR and if the refuse to allow me to take photos from of their lovely building on their property, I do have a telephoto lens.