Playing with Lights

Here are a few photos I took this morning trying to capture some Christmas Lights before the end of the holidays, Christmas Lights VocoPix. The first photo is a base pic to give a context of the location, this is Truth Church (FB) located at the corner of Barry and Boyd in Norman, OK. The church is located in the Hetherington Heights 2 edition established circa 1959.

Fun Take

And this is the same view with a twist. All season I’ve been looking at these lights wanting to do this, Zoom in or Zoom out, it’s a fun take on the decorations the neighborhood has been enjoying. Lights are one of my favorite parts of Christmas and I enjoy the photography opportunities they provide. If you’re selling a home in December trimming the house with a beautiful display of decorative lights can be some wonderful Curb Appeal.

Floating Cross

I like how the cross gives the appearance of floating. There are a few distractions from the neighbor’s lights across the street and I thought about knocking on door and asking them to turn off their lights for just a few moments, but, it was 4:00am, I’m pretty sure they would not be meeting my request with a smile. These photos were shot with a 5 second exposure giving time to zoom the focal length in this case 24mm to 70mm.

Warp Drive Mr. Scott

Ok, and now for all of us Star Trek fans…

Enough said, I think so. Happy New Year everybody from VocoPix

Christmas Lights VocoPix